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Meraki Outdoor Patio Shade


Meraki Outdoor Living LLC was tasked with adding functionality to an outdoor patio space, for a Colorado residential project. They coordinated the design and install, utilizing our slide-on-wire shade systems. 

During the installation, Infinity Canopy was integral in providing a solution to shade the unique frame, with Meraki Outdoor Living creatively mounting the cable system to the underside of pre-existing rafters. The connecting eyelets are on two outside rafters, with the pulley system installed on a middle beam, allowing the setup to be very aesthetically pleasing. 


Three sections of 5' Wide Canopies were installed, with 6 panels per section, in Sunbrella Natural Canvas fabric. Each canopy can retract open and closed, independently, and with ease due to the connected pulley systems. Meraki Outdoor Living LLC is one of our trusted dealers/installers and proud to have their creativity behind our canopies. 

Design and Build by
Meraki Outdoor Living LLC

"At Meraki Outdoor Living, we make beautiful and unique custom outdoor living spaces that connect you with Colorado's breathtaking scenery and the ones you love most" - Matthew Remacle, Founder


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