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Stationary shades for locations and structures with odd shapes 


  • Triangular, Rectangular, Trapezoid & Custom Shapes

  • Connected to Posts or Structures

  • Attached with Stainless Steel Hardware

  • Various Mesh Fabrics and Colors

  • WARRANTY: 10 years

  • Ships within 1-2 weeks

  • Custom Made to Order in USA


Tension Shade Sail:
This type of sail shade is connected from the corners to poles or structures. There is a stainless steel cable inside a pocket sewn to the boundary of the sail which connects to turnbuckles on two or more corners. Turnbuckles connect to eyelets on the posts or structure and closing them tensions the cables and the sail into a taut shade with concave edges. The corners can be at the same height or different heights to create a 3D shape for enhanced wind resistance and rain drainage. 

Laced On Shade Sail:

Instead of cables and turnbuckles on the corners this type of sail shade has grommets on the boundary every 6"-12" and is tied to a structure with ropes.


The repeated connections to the structure create straight edges instead of the curved boundaries seen in the corner connected sails.

Invisible Frame Shade Sail:

Strong and durable webbing is sewn to the shade sail instead of grommets or cables. The webbing provides a flat surface that can be attached from the top with screws to the structure. The result is a clean and taut cover without any visible connections from below. 



  • Blocks 95% of sun rays.

  • Semi Transparent

  • Fire Rating: Varies

  • Resistant to mold and fading

  • 100% HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)


  • Blocks 95% of sun rays.

  • Semi Transparent

  • Fire Rating: NFPA 701

  • Resistant to mold and fading

  • 100% Encapsulated Polyester



  • Blocks 86-96% of sun rays.

  • Semi Transparent

  • Fire Rating: NFPA 701

  • Resistant to mold and fading

  • 100% PVC


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Shape, fabric, size, and connection style affect the price. Send us your drawings or plans, dimensions, and pictures for a quick estimate. 

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