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The patented Infinity Canopy is the most dynamic and versatile retractable shade canopy in the world

Its modular design allows it to adapt to any space, configured in one or multiple colors and
changed within minutes to create new designs and patterns.

* IFF Innovation Award
* Best New Outdoor Product, HPBA EXPO
* Best New Shade Product, IFAI EXPO
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D822465, D814274, D792611, D770643, D764262

Infinity Canopy’s patented slide-on-wire design is the most versatile of its kind in the world. Crafted with the goal to provide clients with customizable and dynamic designs, the canopy’s modular design allows it to be adapted to any space, color configuration, and style. It can be changed within minutes to create a new pattern or color scheme to match evolving tastes – even on existing pergolas. The canopy can also be modified to become a motorized canopy or be updated with a variety of manual retraction and operational accessories.  


Instead of dealing with custom slide-on-wire canopies offered by other companies, Infinity Canopy’s flawless design delivers the epitome of style with the added convenience of effortlessly fitting any space. Unlike its competitors in the outdoor industry, Infinity Canopy can be easily adapted at any time without precise pre-measurements, custom fabrication, and tedious installation.


Infinity Canopy takes the headache out of modifications, repairs, and color changes with its remarkable versatility and adaptable modular shade system that can be installed on any structure – in any size, color, or multi-colored pattern. We have parts and shade panels at our disposal to cut production time, simplify installation, and trim costs. Customers receive a superior shade product ideal for any outdoor living, dining, and lounge space at a fraction of the price for a custom canopy.

Infinity Canopy’s ability to be installed on pergolas, free-standing structures, or between two structures. It makes it an easy choice to increase the comfort and livability of outdoor spaces (patios/decks) with an outdoor canopy– or elevate indoor living areas such as over skylights. Customers can easily retract the canopy to soak up the sun, or luxuriate in shade and take a respite from the sun’s harsh rays.


The shade system stands apart from its competition by being the only canopy that can be modified after installation to accommodate a new design or color scheme that can be revamped in mere minutes to match a customer’s evolving tastes and needs. Any repairs that may be required can also easily be done on-site with replacement parts without having to ever send anything to the company. Infinity Canopy is truly the custom shade canopy that allows for infinite design, shade and possibilities for years and years to come!

Infinity Canopy is the only shade system that can cover any space, including pergolas; regardless of how wide or long it is - without custom fabrication, unlike other shade structure options. 
As long as there is an over-head cable or other support, Infinity Canopy can be as long and as wide as needed.

Each loop of bellowing fabric is an individual panel that seamlessly connects to the next panel to create a canopy section at any desired length. Multiple canopy sections can be installed side by side to cover the width of the space.
For continuous shade individual sections can be connected end to end to create wider canopy sections.

For very long and wide installations, the canopy can connect to 3 or more cables for additional support.

We have designed Infinity Canopy with the goal of making the beautiful slide on wire canopy style available to the masses and to transform it from a custom and rigid product into a shade system that is infinitely versatile and adaptable.

Infinity Canopy uses individual fabric panels that can be easily interchanged within minutes with panels of different color and fabric to create an infinite number of beautiful and unique designs to meet any taste, mood and design need. 


How many designs are possible with a canopy with 12 fabric panels in two colors (6 blue and 6 red)? Here are a few examples of infinite possibilities!


Control Every Aspect of Your Canopy


Make your canopy longer, shorter or wider, make it flat or increase the bellowing, install outdoors or indoors to cover unfinished ceilings. These are only a few examples of endless possible configurations you can achieve with Infinity Canopy.

Unleash the Possibilities 

We have created a canopy with infinite possibilities. Now it's your turn to unleash Infinity Canopy's potential. When you do make sure you share your creation with us! 

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