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50' x 80' Motorized Canopy

When the VF Corporation, the parent company of brands such as Vans, North Face, and Wrangler relocated their headquarters to Costa Mesa, California, Infinity Canopy was the obvious choice to provide shade for their expansive rooftop lounge.

With an emphasis on creative self-expression, artistic sensibilities and sustainability, the company's new office and outdoor spaces are designed to cultivate creativity from each of its employees. The expansive 4,000 square feet lounge is covered by a 50x80 feet shade structure to form an inviting, comfortable retreat from California's midday heat. A red steel frame supports 20 motorized 10' wide x 20' long canopies all in a stunningly beautiful Serge Ferrari Soltis 92 Champagne fabric.


The canopies come together for an eye-catching finished shade structure that is professional and sleek, making it the perfect location for innovation and relaxation.

Architect MG2

Structural Engineering KPFF

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