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Infinity Canopy at William Vale Hotel

Infinity Canopy's award-winning design is on full display at the chic rooftop terrace of the William Vale Hotel in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Guests lounge in the secluded shade of their own elegant, private oasis while soaking up poolside views of the Manhattan skyline. 

The cabanas lining the 60-foot pool feature retractable screens for guests to laze in the sun, find refreshment in the shade and have as much privacy as they desire — all without compromising the stunning view of the Empire State Building and Brooklyn Bridge. Available either motorized or manual, the retractable screens offer people the ability to control the amount of shade — or sun — under their individual canopy for a comfortable, truly customized experience. 

Winner at 2018 WCPA Expo and Annual Meeting

1st Place - Commercial Canopies Category 

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