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A winery founded in 2007, which sits on a historically significant piece of land where Sonoma Valley winemaking was pioneered before the prohibition era, selected Infinity Canopy to replace its bulky awning system with a canopy that was both elegant and functional. 

One of Scribe Winery's first visible structures consisted of two adjacent walls with a fixed awning. Infinity Canopy's set-up revolutionized the space, turning it into an airy, refreshing focal point of the sophisticated winery that produces flavorful wines. Fourth generation California farmers and owners — brothers Andrew and Adam Mariani — believe creating a harmonious relationship with man and nature is key to crafting their high-quality products. The versatile canopy that adorns the face of their business transformed the terrace into a peaceful space where people can soak up nature while savoring Scribe Winery's vibrant wines. 

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