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Whiskey Joe's - Port Richey, Florida


Infinity Canopy installed 16 large canopies to provide shade for the expansive wooden deck of the popular bar and grill, Whiskey Joe's, in Port Richey, Florida, on the Cotee River. Featuring live music, waterfront views, boat pull-ups and white sand beaches, Whiskey Joe's deck is the ideal locale to grab delicious island-inspired dishes and cocktails, while enjoying beautiful scenery and a relaxed atmosphere. 

The massive custom project required four different types of canopy sizes and projections to fit the large and unique deck structure: including four canopies with 11 panels; and 12 canopies with 10 panels. Sixteen pulley systems provide users with the ability to easily retract or expand each canopy to create different configurations. The pulley systems were also tucked into the frame's posts, so guests have unobstructed views of the water. 

Phifertex Plus Royal Blue fabric was used for each canopy to create a uniformed look that complements the water and beachfront location, while adding color to the deck. This incredible Infinity Canopy adaptable shade structure provides Whiskey Joe's guests with an outdoor deck that is functional and stylish with an intelligent design. 


Installation by Brad Kadau

Photography by Sky Shutter Media 

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