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After an exhaustive search and strenuous approval process, the U.S. Navy chose Infinity Canopy to cover its colossal 35' x 45' pergola located at U.S. Navy Seal Beach Golf Course in Cypress, California. The truly unique canopy is designed to provide an intimate space for events, including weddings for U.S. servicemen and their families.

Two large canopy sections can cover the pergola in its entirety by meeting in the middle, or they can retract to allow the sunlight to peak through, giving guests the ability to control the level of warm sun and cooling shade beneath the canopy. The adaptability of Infinity Canopy's products allowed the company to modify the project's original plan from leaving a gap between the canopies to having total coverage and numerous shade options. This is just one example of Infinity Canopy's dedication to customer satisfaction and its versatile products that make any project a possibility.  

Winner at 2018 WCPA Expo and Annual Meeting

1st Place - Other Awnings & Fabric Shading Products Category 



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