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Infinity Canopy Metropolitan Museum
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Infinity Canopy at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

In 2017, Infinity Canopy played an important role in the Metropolitan Museum of Art's rooftop garden commission, The Theater of Disappearance by Argentinian artist Adrián Villar Rojas. The 40' x 34' Infinity Canopy provided a shaded section over the rooftop bar area, as well as a cool space to socialize and enjoy the eye-catching sculptures of the exhibit and the breathtaking skyline of New York City. The artist fused human figures with replicas of nearly 100 pieces of the museum's collection to create a stunning exhibit accented by the newly installed Infinity Canopy. 


Infinity Canopy not only delivered a vibrant canopy featuring Sunbrella Firesist fabric, but it managed to complete the order within one week, so the installation could be finished in time for the exhibit's opening day. The company's ingenious modular feature allowed for a necessary adaptation to fit the canopy in the trellis space after submitted plans did not match the actual dimensions of the area. Infinity Canopy shipped additional parts and shade panels overnight and added them to the existing canopy to make the covering perfect in time for the opening event. 

The installation was provided by the local Infinity Canopy dealer, GSS Awning.

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