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Park West Shopping Center

Peoria's Park West outdoor shopping complex received a $4 million facelift and grand reopening, to showcase it's new tenants and outdoor renovations. Shopping destinations have shifted focus from window-shopping to offering trendy restaurants, fitness centers and the overall visitor experience. Senior Property manager, Jonathan Lee, described when updating the layout that "our first stab at is is adding these new shade structures, the splash pad and making it a family-friendly destination". 


The added splash pad opens the courtyard, with custom Infinity Canopies on both sides and in multiple lengths. Visitors can now take a break from the sun to lounge. By fitting the location with newfound practicality and beauty, Yee believes the new additions will lead to the beginning of a re-birth and expansion: “The renovations are going to enhance the landscape of this entire venue.” 

Fabric: Phifertex Plus White 

Owner/Remodeler: CIRE Equity

Installer: AJ Roberts Industrial, inc.  

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