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Located at the foot of the scenic Manhattan Beach Pier in California, Rock'N Fish offers a laidback atmosphere for its patrons to enjoy its delicious American regional cuisine and specialty drinks such as its legendary Navy Grog rum cocktail. 

Rock'N Fish chose Infinity Canopy to create a structure to shade a portion of its outdoor patio area, allowing guests to soak up the sun or seek refuge from its harsh rays on hot summer days. Infinity Canopy tackled the challenging project with a customized shade structure. The length of each panel used needed to be half the standard size because of vertical clearance limits on the space, which required 21 custom panels instead of 10 standard-sized panels. Three canopy sections were attached with magnetic latches in order to work around multiple crossing beams in the space. The finished product is a 5'x18' retractable canopy on a pair of cables to provide a flexible canopy.

Infinity Canopy's adaptable products created the ideal covering for this restaurant's patio where customers can look out on ocean views while enjoying Rock'N Fish's signature dishes.  

About Rock’N Fish

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