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Residential Shade Solutions for patios, pools, and more.

Transform your outdoor living space with Infinity Canopy’s patented slide-on-wire design. Whether you're seeking relief from the scorching sun or looking to create a comfortable, luxury shaded area for relaxation and entertainment, our canopies are the perfect solution. Our awnings boast a unique modular design, making them incredibly adaptable to fit any outdoor space while offering seamless customization to meet your specific needs.

Retractable Canopy Shades for Residential Spaces

Retractable Canopy Shades for Residential Spaces

No matter the shape or size of your outdoor area, Infinity Canopy's modular shade canopies are engineered to fit perfectly. We have a solution that's just right for your yard, patio, deck, or outdoor room.

Infinity Canopy Commercial Project
Infinite Possibilities

Infinity Canopy modular slide-on-wire canopies can be installed between two walls or structures.

Options include:

  • Canvas or mesh fabric

  • Wide variety of colors

  • Custom or standard size panels

  • Waterproof fabric

  • Fire-rated fabric

  • Sound dampening fabric

Unleash the Possibilities 

We have created a canopy with infinite possibilities. Now it's your turn to unleash Infinity Canopy's potential for your projects.


Contact us today to get your project started. 

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