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Infinity Canopy - Nicagura 1
Infinity Canopy N2
infinity Canopy N3

Nicaragua School Playground

This custom Infinity Canopy installation at a playground in Nicaragua, highlights the adaptability of the company's canopies by transforming the space from a hot, uncomfortable area into a colorful, oasis for children to play and learn together. 


This unique design utilizes 12 canopies grouped in three sections in four split overhangs, with openings in between. The arrangement creates a lively pattern, while offering adequate protection for students. The practical design integrates eye bolt cap nuts to mount the canopies on a matching green metal frame. 


The alternating Phifertex Plus Garden Green and Lemon Yellow is the perfect compliment to the decor and feel of the playground's equipment, while also giving children an aesthically-pleasing canopy to look at while they enjoy their time in nature. 

Installation by Inversiones Galaxia S.A. in Nicaragua. 

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