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20x36 canopy (2)
20x36 canopy (3)

This personalized Infinity Canopy system showcases the expertise and attention to detail Infinity Canopy puts into each of its installations. The Phifertex Plus fabric in Metallica White expertly blends with the paint color of the house to create the illusion of the canopy seamlessly cascading from the home to extend over its spacious 20'x36' outdoor patio. 

A structural engineer designed the custom free-standing frame 36' away from the house to support the canopy with the aid of the home's exterior wall. Two rows of 10'x36' canopy sections cover the area creating an elegant, cool space to dine and relax outside. The use of longer panels — 4' instead of the standard 2'— reduced the weight of the canopy by 25 percent to ensure the integrity of the structure and to create clean lines with the use of fewer panels to shade the large space. 

Two 5'x5' stainless steel posts with square footings placed 3' deep are reinforced by a 6'x6' cross beam that supports the canopy's weight even under the windiest of conditions, while also matching the lush landscaping in the yard. 

These details create an overall effect that is modern and sophisticated, as well as safe and secure for an outdoor living area that offers optimal comfort with a minimal design that adds beauty to the backyard without compromising any of its magnificient views. 

Winner at 2018 WCPA Expo and Annual Meeting

1st Place - Commercial Canopies Category 

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