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Chimney Rock Winery 


The Chimney Rock Winery in Napa, CA was established in 1980 as a modest country house, with few surrounding vineyards, and has since seen massive growth and property change under the Terlato family. Their hardworking team striving for exceptional wine quality while focusing on intelligent and sustainable additions to the property- including their shade choice. The estate has a beautiful back patio but utilization of outdoor umbrellas and trellises did not provide adequate shade. Infinity Canopy proved to be an excellent shade choice to uplift the patio's usability while maintaining the timeless ambiance of Chimney Rock.

8 sections of Infinity Canopy with 13 panels each, in Phifertex Plus Spring Tweed Copper, were used on the back patio. 2 more sections of Infinity Canopy, with 9 panels, were placed on the left and right of the entrance. These side canopy's bracket the doorway giving it a welcoming path for visitors. 

Infinity Canopy enhances the property's look and functionality while maintaining the original design sensibilities. Visitors now enjoy Chimney Rock's fine wine offerings in cool comfort with serene surrounding views.



Design & Installation by Sonoma Shade Sails 


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