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Barraque Plaza - Historic Preservation Project

This project was truly a union of local committees, designs, builders and residents coming together to invest in revitalizing their downtown space to promote functionality, togetherness and shift economic interest back. The historic Barraque Plaza was a sensible space to remodel, being at the center of the town and open to all. The previous canopy ripped away due to strong winds in 2016. Infinity Canopy was the replacement voted on by various committee members, due to visual nature and durability, and we were happy to offer our custom canopies at a special discount for the re-design of this historic area. 

Sutliff Construction Company began construction of the metal support beams in May 2019, with plans to add shade later, ultimately updating their original designs to fit Infinity Canopy. Once constructed, East Harding Construction Company installed the canopies, 8 sections of 5' Wide Infinity Canopies, with 8 panels each. Pine Bluff Downtown Development, Inc. oversaw the project and final prep for the reveal. 


A ribbon-cutting event was held on July 18th, 2019 to celebrate the completion of the project remodel, complete with the newly installed shade canopies revealed for the first time, and playing a major part of the project, as they were purchased with funds received from the Pine Bluff Area Community Foundation, Main Street Arkansas (a division of the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program), and Fifty for the Future.


Infinity Canopy is honored to be part of this truly remarkable union between town officials, local businesses and residents!

Design: Kilroy Design and Tangram Interiors
Installation: Pine Bluff Downtown Development, Inc.

Fabric: Phifertex Plus Stucco and Salsa

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