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Modular. Dynamic. Versatile.

The patented Infinity Canopy is the most dynamic and versatile retractable shade canopy in the world! Its modular design allows it to adapt to any space, configured in one or multiple colors and changed within minutes to create new designs and patterns.



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 Serge Ferrari, Sunbrella Firesist and some other fabrics can increase the price.

Total Width: The width of the area you need to cover. 

Canopy Length: Projection or how far the canopy opens. 

Canopy Width: The width of one individual canopy from 2-14 feet.


Available in Premium Mesh, Solution Dyed Acrylic, Vinyl Mesh & Waterproof, and Standard Mesh.

Infinity Canopy redefines outdoor shading with its patented slide-on-wire design, the most versatile worldwide. This modular canopy effortlessly adapts to any space, color scheme, or style, eliminating the need for precise measurements and tedious installation. It fits pergolas, free-standing structures, or between two structures, providing a customizable and dynamic shading solution. The canopy’s adaptability extends to motorized options and various accessories. Infinity Canopy stands out for its cost-effective versatility, allowing on-site repairs and modifications without sending anything back to the company. This custom shade canopy offers infinite design possibilities, making it a stylish and adaptable choice for years to come.

Retractable slide on wire canopies for existing and new structures made to meet your project needs

  • Commercial & Residential 

  • Any width up to 14 feet, in half inch increments 

  • Any length/projection 

  • 100's of fabrics and colors 

  • One or Multi-color 

  • Ships within 2 - 4 weeks

Libérez les Possibilités 

Nous ont créé une verrière avec Infinity possibilités. C'est maintenant à vous de libérer le potentiel d'Infinity Canopy. Assurez-vous de partager votre création avec nous ! 

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