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Perry's Restaurant 22' x 14' Infinity Canopy


An Infinity Canopy makes the popular bar at Perry's Restaurant in Larkspur, California, more comfortable for patrons that congregate around the bar under its open patio space. 

Award-winning Awnco Retractables designed a custom Infinity Canopy system consisting of two 11'x14' sections featuring Phifertex Plus Grey Sand fabric that accentuates the restaurant's decor. Located below the bar's skylights, the canopy protects patrons during the heat of the day so they can enjoy Perry's classic American dishes and delicious cocktails, while staying cool in the shade and still having natural light in the area. 

This project is just one of Awnco Retractables renowned projects. Awnco Retractables has maintained the prestigious Diamond Certified award, which is presented to industry and local service companies that rate "highest in quality" in customer satisfaction. Based in Marin County, California, Awnco Retractables offers free onsite design consultations and estimates to help customers choose the best products to match their design and meet their needs. 

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