Step 1. Measure

Measure the open space you want to cover. For existing structures

such as pergolas make sure to measure the internal space not the

advertised size, which typically refers to the outer dimensions.


Step 2. Quick Estimate

Enter the dimensions of your space  in the boxes  below and press 

"Calculate"  to see how many sections  and panels you need to cover your space

and your estimate. 

* Please note the estimate is based on a standard section width of 5 feet wide. If your space is not in multiples of 5' you should round to the nearest multiple of 5 for the best price and coverage or contact us for a custom size canopy.  

Example if your space is 11' wide you should input 10' for the width. If your space is 14' wide you should input 10' or 15' for the width. 



Step 3. Select Fabric Grade and Color then Click ORDER  


We offer two grades of fabric: Standard ($10/square foot) and Premium ($13/square foot). Aside from our standard 5' wide canopy you can also order custom canopies with widths from 2-10 feet, longer or shorter panels, specific colors and patterns, as well as high end fabrics such as Sunbrella Clarity, Sunbrella Firesist, and Serge Ferrari mesh and vinyl.  Contact us at, provide us with your requirements and we will create your custom Infinity Canopy. (Custom Fees May Apply)

Infinity Canopy Premium

  • Blocks 92.5% of UV rays

  • Semi-Transparent (Openness Factor 7.5%)

  • Flame Retardant: Class A

  • Resistant to mold and fading

  • Not intended to protect against rain

  • 100% vinyl coated polyester

  • Made in USA


  • Blocks 100% of sun rays.

  • Non-Transparent

  • Flame Retardant: None

  • Resistant to mold, water, and fading

  • Can protect against rain.

  • 100% Solution Died Acrylic

  • Made in USA

Infinity Canopy Standard

  • Blocks 65% of UV Rays

  • Translucent (Openness Factor 35%)

  • Flame Retardant: Class A

  • Resistant to fire, mold and fading. 

  • Not intended to protect against rain.

  • 100% vinyl coated polyester

  • Made in USA


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