Bistro Molokini, Wailea Resort

Situated at the heart of the Grand Wailea Maui resort, The Bistro Molokini offers stunning views with a relaxed open-air ambience. The Californian-style restaurant is perfect for a relaxed lunch or dinner under the stars. After Wailea Resort was sold in April 2018, with heavy renovations planned, it was time to update the Bistro as well. 


Eight canopies, with 5 panels at 99" wide, provide the perfect shade and decoration across the multiple cabanas, over-looking the resort and Pacific Ocean. Not only do the canopies block out sunlight and heat, but the sharp Sunbrella Tuscan fabric color, reflects throughout the walls of the room during the day. This adds some color to the overall nuanced color palette. 

The Grand Wailea Resort is planning on adding at least 240+ more rooms, but it's safe to say with Bistro Molokini's food/drink selection and Infinity Canopy's shade protection, all guests will have somewhere to dine in style. 

Fabric: Sunbrella Tuscan

Installation: K-Deck Canvas Corp